Scott Stone 
I’m Scott & I am the Managing Director / Co-Founder of PlayProLtd. We came up with the concept of PlayPro in 2017 and we are glad to see PlayPro come to fruition during 2018.  
After recently taking up golf I spoke with my colleague Jimmy (James Hunter) and we realised that portable golfing / other sporting simulations are becoming increasingly popular. 
This is due to the developments in technology and we thought it would be a great opportunity to bring golf to the masses. After months of planning and research we decided to drive on and make PlayPro a reality. The company has gone from strength to strength and we now provide events across the UK for a wide range of clients. 
James Hunter 
I’m Jimmy and I am a Director / Co-Founder of PlayPro Ltd. After becoming addicted to golf and having it constantly on my mind, I spoke with Scott about acquiring my own simulator which led us onto the idea of creating PlayPro. 
As golfing and other sports simulators are actively engaging yourself, it keeps you active whilst encouraging more people to try out new sports. I look forward to seeing you in action at our simulator stands in the near future. 
Contact PlayPro today to see how we can add an unforgettable experience to your event 
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