As the Lockdown restrictions continue to ease, more and more businesses are returning to work. This is great news for the economy and hopefully everything can get back to some normality sooner rather than later. But just because businesses are opening it doesn’t mean your customers or visitors are guaranteed to come back. During this time, they may have been attracted by an offer from a rival company for example. So what strategies have you put in place to prepare for the restarting of your operations? 
One surefire way to attract people is to create a memorable event such as a relaunch day. This enables you to book some entertainment for your customers and make their first visit back a memorable and pleasurable experience, meaning that they are likely to keep coming back to you. You can run competitions, raffles etc and make it into a Family fun day if desired. 
This will also allow you to advertise this all over your marketing and social media channels and even attract new customers who maybe weren’t aware of you before! 
We have plenty of experience in this type of event so if this is something that you are considering then hiring one of our Golf Simulators is always a great success. Your visitors could even walk away with a coveted PlayPro trophy! 
If you would lie any further information or advice on planning your event please contact us at 
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