Did you know that we sell and install Golf simulators as well as hire? 
Last week we installed our latest home set up in Aberdeen. We transformed a blank space for our customer into a Golf simulator with all the latest techological advances. Needless to say he loves it and has already left us a 5 star review on Google! Having a golf simulator at home is a great investment and brings lots of benefits. Some of these are: 
Play Golf any time of the year no matter what the weather outside. 
Choose to play on a choice of most courses around the world. 
Utilising empty space in your home to provide an entertainment centre. (They can also be used as home cinemas!) 
Improve and work on your game all year round 
Invite friends and family to play 
They are also not as expensive as you may think and are designed to last for years. At PlayPro we have managed to source everything we need locally, so you don't have to pay large shipping fees and taxes. Please feel free to see pur packages at https://www.playproltd.co.uk/webshop/golf-simulator-packages/  
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