With each week that passes by, we are hearing of more and more live exhibitons and trade shows been announced in the UK, and it is brilliant to see. According to a 2018 report by Eventbrite, UK exhibitions attract over 13 million visitors every year, with the industry been worth £42.3 billion to the UK economy. Anyone working within the industry can see how vital this is and it is very important to get these events up and running, as safely as possible. 
Why exhibit? 
The best thing about exhibiting at these shows is that the audience is industry specific, so you know that they will have some sort of interest in your products and services. For example, the Legalex exhibition is a Legal show, so the visitors who book to attend will be interested in this event. This also means they are more likely to find what they are looking for within the show, and may be willing to spend money with the right company. 
How to attract visitors to your stand? 
There isn't much point in spending thousands on a stand at an exhibtion if you aren't going to utilise it properly. You could pay lots of money to get your stand looking brilliant, but if you aren't offering any engagement then people will just walk past. We have been at lots of shows where the stand is great but there is nothing to entice us in. Sometimes even the employees don't look interested! 
To maximise the potential of winning new business from a show, you need to offer something interactive, a talking point to not only attract people, but also keep them there for longer than usual. The visitors will associate you as a fun, engaging brand and will spend more time with you, increasing your opportunities to open discussions and discuss what you offer. 
From our previous set ups we have done for clients, our Golf Simulators are a fantastic way to do this, and maximise ROI from the event. At one event there were 770 exhibitors. Our client was voted the 6th most popular stand at a show with major global organisations such as BP, Siemens, Shell and more. If you would like to discuss how we can help you enhance your stand, please get in touch. 
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