2021 Winners of the 'Best UK Golf Simulator at the UK Enterprise Awards' 
2021 Winners of the 'Best UK Golf Simulator at the UK Enterprise Awards' 
Add the wow factor to your event and make it memorable for your guests! 
At PlayPro we work with you to make your event as memorable and entertaining as possible and we are happy to work with you to discuss your event needs to help create the exact experience you are looking for. Our team will discuss any requirements you may have to try to ensure everything is in place to run the event.  
Whether it is a wedding, a store opening, or just a gathering in your back garden, we can offer something for everyone! 
Bespoke event ideas 
Golf simulators are a unique event option, and we have something for everyone. They are suitable for beginners all the way through to low handicappers. We can set up at a place of work, in a car park or even in your garden! We have a range of fun challenges to keep everyone engaged and coming back for more! 
Get in touch today to discuss your bespoke event requirements. 

What a brilliant activity! 

A really massive thank you for being at the event yesterday. It all went down well and feedback across the board has been amazing. Your hard graft and efforts throughout the whole event made it a star attraction. The Simulator was a massive success and everybody has commented on how good it looked… the sightline from one end of the room straight into the wide screen was fabulous. I have had so many really glowing comments from students and staff regarding how good it was as an activity and a number of questions about when we can bring it back to NTU for future events!! 
Nottingham Trent University 

Bespoke entertainment 

A recent study found that there are over 1.3 million business events held in the UK every year, meaning it can be quite difficult to stand out and offer something different. We can set our Golf Simulators for any event, including: 
When we hire out our simulators, we provide a full enclosure along with state of the art technology to enhance the experience.  
Having a Golf simulator at a wedding is always very popular, entertaining your guests for hours throughout the day. Your guests will certainly always remember your wedding as the one with a Golf Simulator! 
Product Launches 
When launching a new product, it is very important to draw people in and then keep them to be able to give them the information they need about your product. Our simulators can do exactly that, and they will associate your product with the great time they had! 
Golf days 
Holding a golf day for your teams or customers is always a very popular way for people to network. Adding a Golf simulator to your day gives another dimension and would make your day stand out from other Golf days. We can run nearest the Pin and Long Drive competitions all in the same place! 
Contact PlayPro today to see how we can add an unforgettable experience to your event 
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